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Courtney Cania, Family Photographer

I am a web developer, places and faces photographer, mom of one daughter and two cats, wife to a real estate agent/two-wheel aficionado. I am a lifelong learner, lover of Netflix, cherry sour ales, and grilled cheese.

I live with my family in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. I like to take my camera on long drives to photograph the countryside. More than that, I love photographing people.


I love to capture the way life unfolds from tiny moments. 

My "keeper" shots are those that highlight connection and emotion.

I value images that say something and evoke emotion.

I'm into keeping it real—not altering my subjects or their surroundings, and preserving the honesty of life as it occurs. 

While shooting, I look for interesting light, seek out good compositions, and of course, interesting moments.

Lifestyle Sessions

In addition to family documentary, which is a close observation of unposed and undirected life, I offer lifestyle sessions with designated time for posed images, and prompted guidance and activities to highlight family engagement while helping you look and feel your best in images.


Children provide plenty of moments to photograph, and I suggest filling your session with some of your favorite activities that you typically engage in together as a family. We can meet outdoors, (I know some great locations around the Upper Valley), at home or in your backyard, or you can take me along on an outing. Photography can happen anywhere. It's okay if your home isn't perfect, if clothing is wrinkled, if your kids get messy, and if they have a tantrum or two. What I strive to deliver to you is a cohesive gallery of images that reflect you and your children's personality, your loving interaction as a family, and all the qualities that make you, you.

Email me or give a call, (603) 252-0657 to book a session.

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